“Every mother should remember that …”

“Every mother should remember that one day her sweet daughter will follow her example instead of her (advice).”

.. 2+ years ago CrossFit shared one of my photos that I took , one that I really really love coz’ shows the love between mom & daughter and how they are connected! Coach Daniela Acosta !! thats what you are for Emma :D. (Pic on Facebook)
This Photo has approximately 45k likes in Facebook and for me the message was received!!! Thanks CrossFit to show this kind of love and family time that we have in our Box ! this is part of our community … This is CrossFit #CrossFit #crossfitgames #CrossFitOPEN #2yearsago #uuuuu #crossfitmom #crossfitdaughter #crossfitkids #crossfitwomen #CrossFitCommunity #crossfitfamily : ERIKAHC


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